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Mitch S. Cummins
4240 S. Fremont Avenue, Tucson, AZ, 85714


Prudential Overall Supply is the Right Choice

We are different! Our differences are your benefits! Check us out and you will see that we add up to the company you need.

CLEAN GREEN REUSABLE TEXTILES: Prudential is a leader in the reusable textile industry. Prudential uses less water and energy in our process compared to home wash and disposables. Prudential outperforms carbon footprint reduction compared to industry average. Prudential is Clean Green Certified through TRSA.
TOP QUALITY MANUFACTURER: Prudential distributes for the world’s best manufacturers ensuring you the best available branded products.
CUSTOMER SALES REPRESENTATIVE: Your Customer Sales Representative is the link between you and our facilities. They are qualified, experienced professionals with extensive supervised training.
DIRECT SERVICE: Our plants are independent operating facilities that are strategically located to provide fast, efficient, quality service. They augment each other in the event of an emergency. This means uninterrupted customer service.

As always, Prudential is dedicated to providing your organization with high quality work uniforms for a wide variety of industries. We only offer work clothing expertly manufactured with the best materials and a strong attention to detail. Whether you need heavy-duty industrial work boots or hospital-grade surgical scrubs, Prudential has the right products for you.

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