Rail Yard LLC

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Phil Perry
610 S. Park Ave., Tucson, AZ,



Boutique office space that Enhances your Professional Presence.

Rail yard is perfect for those professionals who are wishing to project a more sophisticated image to their clients and be surrounded by other creative associates for a more fun and dynamic work environment.

We have taken a 60 year old natural concrete factory floor with 16′ high ceilings, and lovingly added natural lighting from skylights along with an eclectic mix of reclaimed wood planks, sandblasted red brick walls, antique wood: doors & architectural elements, and added some corrugated tin mixed in for good measure. This is not your fathers office.

Who else but Linda Robinson could pull all of these elements together, into what she calls “edgy industrial chic interiors”. Sleek chairs mixed with raw steel and natural wood desks create an exciting look in a very high tech, secure work environment.

Manufacturing is still happening in this old industrial location. Office in a building that once held a heartbeat of American manufacturing, where you can still see the sights and hear the sounds of custom products being made by artisans at PERRY LUXE… Or catch a glimpse of an artist at work as Phil Perry adds acrylic… Or wood, or steel, or quartz, or silk, or powdered semi precious stones… to his latest contemporary canvas.